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Titan Leaf Solutions Warranty

Titan Leaf Solutions Product and Install Warranty

• Titan Leaf Solutions warrants all components and products manufactured by them to be free of defects for 12 months from the registered “In-Service” date. All Titan Leaf Solutions workmanship is covered by the same 12-month warranty, whether it's the installation of Titan Leaf Solutions goods, fabrication, or repairs.

Warranty Claims Performed by Titan Leaf Solutions

• Warranty repairs must be conducted at Bonnell Industries Inc. or an authorized entity. Titan Leaf Solutions requires the customer to deliver the unit to the repair facility. Titan Leaf Solutions is not liable for, and will not pay, travel time, mileage, fuel, or wear incurred when driving or towing the unit to a repair facility, road testing, or delivery to the end user, nor for lost time incurred by a customer delivering and picking up a unit.


Warranty Repairs Performed by Others

• Titan Leaf Solutions may authorize the unit owner, a dealer, or another third party to conduct warranty repairs in certain circumstances. Titan Leaf Solutions does not reimburse for travel time to and from any facility where the repairs are being performed. Titan Leaf Solutions will reimburse the organization performing the work for the components utilized as well as the labor deemed necessary to complete the repairs. The type of repair, the distance to the nearest permitted repair facility, and the urgency of the repair will all influence this decision. Titan Leaf Solutions must authorize and pre-approve before a non-Titan Leaf Solutions company can begin repairing or replacing components. Unauthorized warranty claims for work performed will be denied. Credit will be awarded upon the return of the damaged parts. Authorized warranty work that is not performed by Titan Leaf Solutions will be compensated at the current Warranty rate, and authorized work invoices will be paid net 30. Without Titan Leaf Solutions’ specific written permission, no components are to be disassembled or modified in any way. All damaged parts must be returned to Titan Leaf Solutions unless otherwise communicated by a Titan Leaf Solutions representative. Any items that are being returned for warranty must be shipped freight prepaid along with the proper paperwork.

Purchased Component Warranty


• Many components manufactured by and purchased from other suppliers are sold and installed by Titan Leaf Solutions. The warranty policies of the individual providers may cover these components longer than Titan Leaf Solutions’ 12-month warranty period as stated above. Titan Leaf Solutions will pass on any warranties received from the manufacturer for such components to the buyer, and as a courtesy will process warranty claims pertaining to these components. All claims concerning non-Titan Leaf Solutions components must be communicated as soon as the defect is discovered. All documentation of said claims must be accompanied by the VIN (vehicle identification number)/serial number and/or a copy of the original invoice. Titan Leaf Solutions has the option of repairing or replacing the damaged part at our facility or a site approved by Titan Leaf Solutions. Titan Leaf Solutions will not process warranty claims for truck chassis or auxiliary engines sold through them. Truck chassis and auxiliary engine warranty claims will need to be processed at the nearest dealer.

Peripheral, Incidental, and Consequential Damages and Claims

• This limited warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by abuse, negligence, accident, improper customer installation, neglect, or natural disasters. Any modifications made by the buyer or a third party without Titan Leaf Solutions’ prior written approval may void any warranty. Operating conditions or applications not previously known or foreseen by Titan Leaf Solutions at the time of sale to the buyer may void any warranty as well. Damages resulting from any other unusual operation will not be covered. This warranty does not cover normal maintenance, wear, or consumable items such as fluids, tires, belts, hoses, filters, fan impellers, liners, or air cleaners supplied in connection with Titan Leaf Solutions goods or services. Titan Leaf Solutions will not compensate for missed time, business, or opportunity, as well as any loss of usage resulting from warranty claims while warranty work is being done. Titan Leaf Solutions will not offer or pay for the use of a rental unit. Damaged, lost, or missing equipment in connection with a warranty claim will not be reimbursed by Titan Leaf Solutions


Titan Leaf Solutions reserves the right to make changes or improvements to its products without incurring any liability or obligation and without being required to make corresponding changes or improvements to products manufactured or sold prior to those changes or improvements.


The Titan Leaf Solutions Warranty Policy is subject to change without notice.

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